When you adopt a Munchy Ball, it is now up to you to take care of him and to feed him.  Munchy Balls like to eat a lot.  They will eat almost anything.  If it is small enough to fit into their mouth, they will eat it.  The lighter the food is, the harder it is to get it back out of its mouth, so keep that in mind when you feed it pom poms and paper.


If you have a Munchy Ball that looks like a tennis ball, then you have to be careful not to feed him sticky, messy, or wet things.  He will not clean up well.  If you have the vinyl “crystal looking” Munchy Ball, then  you can feed him anything as long as you wash him well after eating messy things.

They love to eat small rocks, little sticks, fun foam shapes, bug erasers, wooden or plastic bugs, and buttons.  They also love magnet balls, bingo chips, and marbles.

If you are going to be using your washable Munchy Ball with real food, then you must make sure to hand wash him with soap and water before and after feeding him.